Carton Wrap for 3PL solutions and eCommerce

New thinking – rationalization within embalage / kartonering for eCommerce / 3PL (shipments to B2B or B2C)

Cost-saving and efficiency improvement with automatic packaging

Machine Carton Wrap manufactured by CMC / Italy was shown for the first time at IPEX exhibition in London in late March in 2014.

Carton Wrap a part of our program in the packaging machinery , a machine that is designed for network-commerce / e-commerce & amp; 3PL as:

  • automatically sense incoming goods collected size
  • then makes carton in the right size (and, if desired, with different logos on the boxes that are printed directly on the cardboard blank)
  • pack everything automatically , including addressing, (and have enabled simple re-closure in cases where returns are high)
  • high capabilities to handle rapid continuous flow or intermittent spikes when needed.

Clarification: The machine is designed so that the scan of (in 3D) is to be packed and then do automatically a box in the right format.

This means that the box will be smaller and cheaper, and that the goods can not go around and that the fill material is saved.

Manual Parts thus saved into.
Carton Wrap